We desire to have a time focused on Christ. In order to have an enjoyable time centered on Christ and free from distractions, we have rules that each of you need to read and agree to prior to registering. The goal of these rules is so that God would have our full cooperation so that He can grow to the fullest extent in each one of us during this time.

  • Exercise your spirit and enjoy the Lord!
  • Be punctual to each meeting.
  • Bring the Bible (Old and New Testament), lesson book, and notebook to each meeting.
  • Have a proper, spiritual attitude of attentiveness, submission, and cooperation. Have a personal appearance that is proper, modest and sober as in 1 Timothy 2:9. Honor and uplift the standards in order to receive spiritual, human, and physical help.
  • Respect and obey all the serving ones. Respect your fellow young people.
  • Clothing should be appropriate for meetings – modest, neat in appearance, and no distracting or inappropriate images or words.
  • During meetings, young people should close all other apps/browsers/windows on their devices and not do anything else on their devices other than participate in the Zoom meeting.
  • Young people are strongly encouraged to turn on their cameras and to actively participate.
  • Young people should ensure that there are no distracting or inappropriate images or words displayed on their videos, including on their clothing, profile images, virtual backgrounds, and physical backgrounds.