Dear Young People, Parents, and Serving Ones,

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we will hold the 2021 Fall YP Conference online over Zoom from Friday October 22, 2021 through Lord’s Day, October 24, 2021. Some localities will be gathering in person to carry out hybrid meetings. Please check with the serving ones in your locality for further details. All young people in 7th grade through 12th grade are invited to attend. The schedule is on the home page.

The deadline to register is Lord’s Day, October 10, 2021. There will be no registration fee. 

We desire to have a time focused on Christ. In order to have an enjoyable time centered on Christ and free from distractions, we have rules that each young person should read and agree to prior to registering.

Young people should bring their Bibles (Old and New Testament) and a notebook and pen to each session.